Sustainability in Kettukallion Elämystila

In Kettukallio you can be sure, that we do the things sustainably.

For example:
  • we have rights to act in travel business, demanding New package travel act 2018
  • we serve local and fresh food
  • we recycle all the rubbish: bio waste, carton and plastic packages, metal, glass, paper and bottles
  • we use mostly washable dishes instead of disposable cups or plates
  • we are heating saunas with local fire wood
  • we use solar energy
  • we use our own well for having a great tasting and clean drinking water
  • the wood we are using in building and renovation has been harvested from our own forest
  • we have few nature reserves and we are taking care of our forests which are PEFC-sertificated
  • we have 3,1 ha grove and common hazel conservation area called Reporinne
  • we use old and recycled furnitures and items in interior design
  • we have a lot of hand made rag rugs on the floor, most of them are made by our own grandmothers
  • we wear working clothes which are highly sustainable and made from Fairtrade cotton
  • we clean mostly without chemicals using EV 3000i - Eco cleaning system
  • all shampoos, soaps and other detergents are natural and organic
  • everyone is welcome to visit us, including LGBTQ -quests
#sustainabletravelfinland #lgbtq

There are a lot of old items and furnitures all around

We take care of our forest

Our working clothes are sustainble

the wood we use in heating has been harvested from our own forest