Granary / Luhtiaitta

Sleep well in a nice room of an old granary

This sweet looking granary has 4 rooms for accommodation.

You can sleep in a room of an old granary.

There are 4 different rooms: 2 of them are for 2 people, and other 2 are for 3-4 people.
There´s an electricity and heating in every room. Toilets are outside nearby.
You can use the sauna wagon for getting clean and swim in the forest pond.

The kitchen next to the smoke sauna can be used for cooking etc.

The breakfast can be served on request, but you can also handle it on your own.

If you are interested in visiting us, please CONTACT US.

Double room downstairs

Room for 3+1 downstairs

Double room upstairs

Room for 3+1 upstairs

The long history of this granary

The granary has been moved two times. First it has been located at Vieremä farm at late 1890´s. Then there´s was living a famous Finnish writer Arvid Järnefelt with his family. Also Jean Sibelius, the famous composer, has been spending the time there with his young wife Aino. Aino was the sister of Arvid.

The granary has been used also as a school at the hands of Arvid Järnefelt´s mother, Elisabet.

At 1980´s the granary was moved first time. The construction foreman of Lohja, Antti Ventelä, was moved it to their own backyard with his wife.

About 30 years later there was a time to fix the roof and Antti´s daughter Riikka gave us a chance to buy the whole granary. At 2017 we bought it and Tuomas Korpijaakko take apart those old girders again, moved them about 15 kilometres with a tractor and built that old granary again.

The granary was located at Vieremä farm allready at 1896. You can see it in the middle of the picture.

It was used as a school.